Goals & Objectives

CAMRE will meet the increasingly stringent requirements of cutting-edge materials technology by fundamental research, education, innovation and improved methodologies in the following thrust areas:

  • Fabrication: Processing and synthesis of advanced materials and structures.

  • Characterization: Developing both field characterization techniques and in-situ monitoring for the microstructural and the effective behavior of advanced materials and structures. 

  • Durability: Predicting long-term performance (over lifetimes up to several decades) of materials and structures as well as understanding environmental exposure affects.

  • Failure: Understanding the failure modes of materials and structures, and how the microstructure and morphology of these materials affect the failure modes.

  • Education: Providing research opportunities for KSU undergraduates during the academic year and providing opportunities for summer research experiences.

  • Outreach: Motivating, informing, and stimulating interest through participation in seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences.

  • Presentation: Developing the oral and poster presentation skills of KSU undergraduates by dissemination of research results at professional meetings and conferences, and enhancing their verbal skills through technical report writing.