Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Advanced Materials Research and Education (CAMRE) is to bring together KSU experts in engineering and technology (mechanical, civil and electrical) and science (chemistry, physics and biology) to establish integrated research, education, and student-mentoring in an effort to understand and improve engineering materials by controlling the composition, structure, and properties from the microscopic to the macroscopic:

Specifically, the impact of CAMRE will:

  • Provide the essential physical insights for the design, optimization, and in-service reliability of advanced materials and structures.

  • Strengthen the capabilities and give a competitive edge to KSU to perform materials research and development for and with industry (Lockheed-Martin, Sonoco, Gulfstream) and government agencies (NSF, DoD, NASA).

  • Complement existing material research equipment and infrastructure at KSU, such as the equipment in the existing Engineering Materials Laboratory, the Mechanics and Materials Laboratory, and the Composite Materials Laboratory.

  • Provide a long-term, sustainable, and synergistic impact on the entire University’s degree programs by external sponsored funding in cutting-edge materials research.