The Georgia Pavement and Traffic Research Center is equipped with testing machines to perform a variety of lab tests on paving materials, i.e., asphalt, aggregate, soil, and concrete, and the structural design of pavement.

Pavement Material Testing Equipment List:

1. Interlaken UniTest System with Environmental Chamber

2. IPC UTM 14P Machine with Triaxial Testing Cell

3. Pine Gyratory Compactor

4. 20-Qt. Laboratory Bench Mixer

5. Automatic Mechanical Compactor

6. Percometer (Tube Suction Test)

The Center has recently acquired state-of-the-art traffic signal controllers, interface units, data acquisition devices, and simulation software, which are capable of conducting both software and hardwire-in-loop traffic simulations and collecting real-time signal performance data.

Traffic Control Equipment and Software:

1. Traffic Cabinet

2. Traffic Signal Controllers

3. Controller Interface Units

4. NI Data Acquisition Equipment

5. Simulation Software: Synchro/SimTraffic and PTV (Vissim, Vistro, Vissum)