Goals & Objectives

  1. To conduct research and development in applied gaming and media arts to enhance business and education.

    CAGMA will coordinate grant writing and research projects that utilize game design and development and media arts production to enhance corporate training and STEM (and other subjects) learning in K-12 education. Research will leverage aesthetic and motivation theory as primary drivers to enhancing learning and retention.

  2. Expand the visibility of KSU and the University System of Georgia (USG) in the field of game design and development and media art.

    CAGMA projects will result in an increased presence of KSU and the USG within the growing field of applied gaming and media arts. This will occur via local press coverage as well as regional, national, and international journals and academic conference presentations and publications.

  3. Collaborate with corporate and educational partners through research and consulting projects.

    CAGMA will actively seek partners with whom we can apply game and media theory into practical applications that solve real-world educational and corporate training problems. These projects form the foundation with which the center is sustained and realizes much of its mission.