Welcome to The Energy Hunter!

Energy is everywhere.  It's in the trees, the rivers, the earth, and even within each and every one of us.  Life would not exist if it were not for the abundance of energy that falls on the earth every single day so its important for us to explore and learn all we can about energy.  But energy is relatively hidden.  We don't think about it as we go about our daily lives.  When you turn on a faucet to wash your hands, people rarely think about the energy required to drive the massive pumps that force that water through miles and miles of underground pipes.  When you eat a taco, you may think of the energy you use to cook the dish but do you think about the energy that went into planting, harvesting, and transporting the ingredients to your table?

The Energy Hunter video series wants to change all that.  We want to shine a light on issues of energy.  We'll focus on helping you understand energy fundamentals while exploring new and sustainable methods for generating, storing, and using energy.  We plan to release a video every month so hold on tight and let the energy flow!