• Establish a nationally recognized alternative energy research program.

    AEIC will conduct a coordinated and extensive program of research to design, develop, model, and evaluate new alternative energy technology, techniques, and test procedures. Research will focus on innovative new technologies and techniques that will help to establish us as a true "innovation" center.

  • Provide degree emphasis in sustainability for KSU students.

    The AEIC will coordinate a degree emphasis in sustainability by partnering with a wide variety of departments across campus. This emphasis will provide a well rounded approach to sustainability education by encouraging exploration of diverse perspectives.

  • Provide educational and training resources for KSU and the greater community.

    The AEIC will become a center for energy related technology transfer. Through online educational resources and continuing education courses, the knowledge and expertise within the AEIC will be disseminated to the surrounding community. The KSU community will also benefit since the AEIC will help augment existing courses on campus by supplementing classroom learning and laboratory exploration.

  • Serve as an energy system testing center.

    Using the advanced alternative energy equipment and laboratory instrumentation, the AEIC will provide testing services to the energy and sustainability industry.